Grace Amadon Collection
In 1938, at the urging of a young SDA pastor J. H. Wierts, the General Conference of Seventh-day
Adventists ordered the organization of a
research committee to investigate the calendar issues that
were facing some of their doctrines.  
Grace Amadon sat on that committee as the panel expert.  
Miss Amadon wrote extensively to other experts in the ancient sciences and received many letters
in answer to the inquiries of this committee.  This information (some 6,000 pages) has now been
compiled into what is known as the Grace Amadon Collection.

eLaine Vornholt and her daughter, Laura Lee Vornholt-Jones will tell their story about finding,
examining and compiling the
Grace Amadon Collection.

Among other things, what this committee found was that ancient Israel observed a lunar-solar and
that the crucifixion Passover did not take place on a friday.  When WWII broke out, this committee
was disbanded and never reconvened.  Later, M. L. Andreasen determined that keeping a
lunar/solar calendar would be too confusing (in spite of the evidence that Israel was successful
doing so), and the matter was dropped.  
See letter.

SDA's, your denomination discovered the truth about the Creation Calendar decades ago and
promptly buried it with no further discussion.  So please refrain from telling SDA's who are
discovering the Creation Calendar that there is no precedent for a lunar Sabbath.  Your own
General Conference appointed committee found ample evidence in 1938 that is just now coming to
the light of day.  Shame on them.

Study to show yourself approved.  

The cloud is moving.  You can either follow or be left in the wilderness.

NOTE: does not agree with every conclusion presented by Miss Amadon,
the committee she sat on or (and we especially disagree with Andreasen).
But the undeniable proof is that Adventists discovered this vital information over 50 years ago and
kept it from the people.  We are blessed that the Father is not waiting for the SDA denomination to
present this to the world at large, even though that would have been their privilege.