This page is dedicated to those who have publicly condemned or attempted to refute the
Creation Calendar with its Lunar Sabbath.  Each individual is offered the opportunity to
respond to the rebuttal found on this site.  If you know these individuals, ask them if they
have seen the rebuttal to their position against the Creation Calendar.  If not, please pass
it along to them.  Someone needs to hold these individuals accountable for their
words/actions.  Some are in trusted positions of leadership, others are leaders in their
own circle of influence, yet all feel confident in passing along misinformation and, at times,
outright lies about the Lunar Sabbath and in some cases about Lunar Sabbatarians.
When/If these individuals repent or change their position on a certain argument they have
made against the Creation Calendar, their names, the name of their ministry and rebuttal
will be removed from this site or a correction made if I am made aware of this change.

For the record, there has never been a successful argument brought against the Creation
Calendar, not even by the well known names below.  There are two simple questions that
each of these well-meaning individuals could have (should have) answered and this issue
would be silenced for ever.  Instead, they have killed whole rain forests of trees and
swamped cyberspace publishing their arguments against the Creation Calendar without
ever addressing what should be the most basic defense to their position.  Here are the
two questions they REFUSE to answer:

1.  Where in Scripture does it say that satyrday is the Sabbath?

2.  Where in Scripture does it say that the Sabbath is every seventh day in an unbroken
cycle of seven days all the way back to Creation?

Answer these two simple questions and this issue goes away.  Simple as that.  

These are open letters to those who dare to fight against YHVH and His calendar.  I
recommend only reading the ones by folks you know or the ones that interest you
because they recycle the same arguments over and over (and OVER), so reading them all
may be redundant and tedious.

Allen Stump, Smyrna Gospel Ministries, Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) offshoot ministry.

Bob Trefz, Cherith Chronicles, march/april 2008, SDA offshoot ministry.

E Hopkins (a.k.a. Rav Harley), Great Joy in Great Tribulation (GJiGT) PalTalk group,
LUNAR SABBATH or New Moon Perverse Doctrine

Larry and June Acheson, Truth Seekers,, Something Different:
Lunar Sabbaths

Richard and Melody Drake, Last Generation Ministries,  

Amazing Facts, an SDA ministry  

Ron DuPrez, Feast Keeping and the Final Crisis, broadcast live on 3ABN

Angel Rodriguez, director, Biblical Research Institute of the General Conference of SDAs,
What About a Lunar Sabbath?

Eugene Prewitt, SDA layman, Thoughts on the Lunar Sabbath

Eugene Prewitt, with yet another attempt to refute the Lunar Sabbath.  The Lunar
Sabbath - Is it Biblical?
can be examined here: http://www.sabbathtruth.

Clinton Schultz, SDA Pastor, Reflections on the Luni-Solar Calendar and Sabbath Issue

Will Feldman, layman and former moderator of internet forum, May My Teachings Fall
Like Rain

Beware of the "Lunar Sabbath", by my friend, webmaster of

Jon at (a.k.a.  A video recording offered on this site
reads EliYah's study of the same name (above),
Beware of the “Lunar Sabbath”  (May no
longer be on-line with the new study below)

Jon at
119  This is the second attempt by 119 Ministries to refute the Lunar
Sabbath.  Alas, it is just a heavily edited version of EliYah's original study above.  
Our Creator's Calendar Series: The Lunar Sabbath Uncovered

Pete Vacca, assistant pastor, Yahweh's Assembly in Messiah., Lunar

James Trimm,
Fall of the Lunar Sabbath

Yahweh's Restoration Ministry (YRM), Lunar Sabbath Illusion, which can be read at www.

David L. Perry, Th.D. -- Masters Thesis (c) 2006, entitled "Lunar Sabbath Decisively
and published at

Gerhard Pfandl, Associate Director, Biblical Research Institute, (retired) "Weekly Sabbath
or Lunar Sabbath: Are Adventists Keeping the Wrong Sabbath?"

Michael Pedrin, PhD, SDA author of the book, The lunar Sabbaths, The Big Lie.  www.

W. Glenn Moore, 21 Concise Answers to Lunar Sabbatarian Teachings which can be
found at

Rabbi Simon Altaf, Abrahamic-Faith Ministries, International,  Is
the Lunar Sabbath Scriptural?

Joe (a.k.a Jovial),, "What's Wrong
with the Lunar Sabbath idea?"

Exposing the Lunar Sabbaths, by one of my dearest friends, Brian Allen, Warpath

Adam Drissel, webmaster at  Lunar
Sabbaths - Debunked in Three Verses

Rob Vanhoff,, Looney Tune
of a "Sabbath" Moon
.  Their response to my rebuttal used to be found here: https://www.  They did not respond to the points made in my
rebuttal but instead go after me, the man.  Pretty sad.  Not surprised they pulled it.

Shauna Manfredine, Calculating the Weekly Sabbath: Luni-Solar or Seventh Day of the

Daniel's Timeline,  Is the Seven Day Week
Cyclical or Lunar?

Garrick Augustus, SDA Layman, Heralds of the King Ministries, The Illusion Of Lunar

Nader Mansour, SDA minister in Australia,, Lunar Sabbaths (A
personal testimony).

Ya’acov N’tan Lawrence of Hoshana Rabbah Messianic Community asks, The "Lunar
Sabbath" or Saturday Sabbath??  Will the Real Sabbath Please Stand up??
.  Which can
be found at:  

David Breetzke, webmaster of the website,  Three
studies against the Lunar Sabbath found here:
They are listed in reverse order.  3. The Scriptural
Calendar, 2. Chag Shavuot proves that the Lunar Sabbath is false, 1. Lunar-Sabbath
doctrine is stupid!

Future rebuttals coming...

Brian Hoeck, a gentlemen I had the favor of holding a live Lunar Sabbath debate with a
number of years ago in Bakersfield, California.  His anti-Lunar Sabbath study is entitled:
Sabbath: Counted from the New Moon?

Kenneth Westby, Seventh-day Adventist, and a director emeritus of the Bible Sabbath
Association (BSA),

Lew White, Lunar Sabbath System?

Maria Merola, The Lunar Sabbath Controversy,

Michael Rood, The "Lord of the Sabbath" has the Last Word on the "lunar-sabbath", www.

Rob Moore, What Calendar did Moshe Keep -- What is the "Ancient Path"?  www.

Nehemiah Gordon, Q&A Lunar Sabbath response

Stay tuned.  There will be more to come (see unfinished entries above) as long as folks
like this make false accusations, ignore the evidence and/or open their mouths before
they examine all of the evidence (
Proverbs 18:13).
The Hall of Shame